Current Scenario

Driven by the advent of climate change, the powertrain in automotive is witnessing change at a global level. The automakers are further planning to address this challenge with the introduction of electric vehicles. The increase in demand for the electric vehicles has further resulted in the change not just with respect to the power train and emission but also with respect to business models and geopolitics environment.

The most important concern for the automotive sector is the rise in carbon emissions, leading to an irreversible change in the climate. This issue can be addressed by increasing the use of electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations and renewable energy based grids. This will further reduce the emissions from vehicle and electricity grids.

Batteries are at the center of many technological innovations which stores the power required to drive breakthrough innovations. At a larger scale, smart infrastructure and smart cities highlight the use of energy storage and batteries as a primary solution to enable advances in sustainable innovations.

The energy future envisions a change in the energy balance at the global level. Energy sources such as wind, solar, vibration and others are expected to be the new norm of the industry from medium to long term. Furthermore, concepts such as smart grid, management of energy and storage will contribute to the efficient automotive sector.

Automo Capabilities

Automo monitors and tracks both product and technology development, the global automotive team is positioned uniquely to predict and analyze market trends and technology which will further result in creating new products, markets, services, and new business models. Automo main aim is to provide the partner client with information which helps them to be well-informed in taking strategic and business decisions for long term planning and day to day business operations.

How we can help

Our fingers are on the market pulse across the globe. We offer consulting expertise which is beyond mere research and also engage with our partner clients to provide actionable insights into emerging and established market and provide in-depth knowledge with respect to changing regulatory environment across the globe. Our primary focus includes non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery chemistries, and energy storage technologies such as fuel cells, ultracapacitors, and others. For utilities, we focus on substation and distribution automation, renewable integration, and key equipment such as switchgear, cables, transformers, and others.

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Automo’s global consulting team is exclusively positioned to identify and assess opportunities related to growth but also empowers our client to create strategies for the future which further enables them to convert goals into reality.