Chemicals And Materials

Current Scenario

Chemicals and Materials are converting an implausible concept into certainty across the automotive sector. Socioeconomic trends such as zero wastage are being realized with the help of innovations in chemicals and materials and converting concepts such as light weighting into marketable service and product.

Automakers across the world have undertaken light weighting initiative by focusing on three main segments such as Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP), and natural fiber reinforced polymer (NFRP). The composite and polymer market in automotive is highly dynamic with myriad technology and product innovations. These innovations are steered by the demand for improved aesthetics, weight reduction, ease in processability and advanced mechanical parts contributing to the cost efficiency. Automakers are experimenting with the multi-material approach to attain weight savings and at the same time adhering to the government regulations pertaining to emission and fuel. The demand for an electric vehicle is also influencing the composite market, as automakers are trying to shred the weight of other components to compensate battery weight. Automo is optimistic in the usage of plastics and composites driving the future of mobility. The following figure showcases our focus area with respect to chemicals and materials.

Automo Capabilities:

Automo acknowledges the necessity to track emerging and new material development, resultant products, and its processes are crucial for the automotive industry. Automo team of industry experts tracks developments in plastics, materials, polymers, coatings, petrochemicals, and chemicals which further help our partner companies to attain success in their focus area.

How we can help

Automo analyzes and identifies emerging chemical and material and its impact on auto applications. This further enables our partner client to identify new markets, services, and products and the business models the companies should cater in order to increase their sales and revenue.

Automo chemical and material specific knowledge will help the client to understand, evaluate and assimilate the future of the industry. Our knowledge base will further enable our clients to analyze megatrends, change in need of customer based on the product and provide a thorough understanding of the dynamics of material substitution.

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