Information Communication Technology

Current Scenario

With the recent trend of embedded intelligence and digitization in the automotive industry, it is very crucial to understand the requirement of communication and emerging computing technologies for competitive advantage and growth. Automo continuously tracks product development and technology in the information, network security and communication domain, and is well positioned to predict and analyze the technology and trends in the market as well as identify strategic opportunities and challenges for the companies located in different geographies.

Automo Capabilities

The way we live and work is getting changed at an unprecedented rate because of new digital technologies. This transformation is impacting every company and every person associated with the industry. According to the recent survey conducted by our partner consulting company IndustryARC, the company discovered that early adopters of ICT technology in the automotive domain is witnessing significant results in terms of growth in revenue and higher margins. The IT decisions, companies are going to take today, will set a growth path for them or leave them behind in the race. So are you ready to take on IT challenges? If yes, Automo can help you to put on the growth track. The below figure depicts Automo focus area:

How we can help

In the automotive landscape, ICT technologies have led to the transformational breakthrough, this further enables companies in creating a new way to generate revenue, gain competitive advantage, technology convergence which has the capability to disrupt the status quo. Automo tracks analyze and evaluate different technologies in the ICT domain such as computer vision, machine learning, cybersecurity, advanced analytics, blockchain, virtual reality and augmented reality and others. We help our partner clients to invest in the right technology and identify new revenue streams by employing new business models.

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