Current Scenario

The main aim of the automaker is to improve the quality and efficiency in production. In the coming years, value added in the production will increase. The complexity in a different form of vehicle will challenge the current production requirement.

With the increase in vehicle complexity, the requirement from the supply chain and production will also be complex. The developing countries are witnessing traction from the automaker for developing production facilities. The conventional locations will still be competitive with product improvement and capacity expansion. Multiple disciplines such as engineering, design, development, purchasing, and production will witness an immense challenge because of the improved quality requirement.

Automo Capabilities

Automo offers suppliers and manufacturers with a range of services in areas such as lean manufacturing, improvement in the production network, and operational excellence. Furthermore, our team also focuses on operational improvement programs and production due diligence for industrial investors, hedge funds and equity investors.

Our capabilities in manufacturing enable a range of participants such as OEM’s, suppliers, and technologists, researcher and design engineers in gaining information which can be further employed to exploit or develop key technologies impacting manufacturing. Automo has expertise in crucial areas of manufacturing such as additive manufacturing, lean manufacturing, automation software, automation hardware, 3D printing, collaborative robotics, material joining, communication of data in manufacturing and others. Automo has developed its capabilities by analyzing key developments and continuously serving valued clients in the automotive industry. We have the capability to identify and evaluate key developments in automotive manufacturing and deduce its market prospects and scalability possibilities.

How we can help

Automo evaluates, explains and ferret-out the disruptive technologies expected to impact manufacturing in the automotive industry. Based on our in-depth research over the years and with partnering with stakeholders across the value chain, Automo has developed profound knowledge in material and equipment technologies related to 3D printing. Automo has developed expertise in different products and technologies such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer, graphene-enhanced nylon, thermoplastic elastomer, PEKK/PEEK materials, gel dispensing printing, fused deposition, laser sintering, fused filament fabrication, electron beam melting, stereolithography, continuous liquid interface production, and others. Automo has also gained understanding in enhanced interaction and navigation capabilities, collaborative robots, 3D inspection, industrial automation, and tight joining geometries and others.

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