Micro Electronics

Current Scenario

In the last decade, mechanically driven components were replaced by more efficient electronic counterparts such as electromechanical dampers, electric pumps, electric power steering systems, ADAS, heated seats, infotainment devices, heated windshields, and heated steering wheels. Numerous systems ran in tandem to support multiple applications in a vehicle. Furthermore, approximately 100 million lines of software code run over 70 to 100 networked electronic control units, making vehicle operations more complicated. Thus it is expected that the launch of Level 3 and above autonomous vehicle will witness a massive surge in computing power, making vehicles more power hungry. The current high-end vehicle with conventional voltage architecture can have more than 4 km of wiring. This further increases the overall weight of the vehicle and exhausts the conventional 12v electrical power-net. This fact has made car manufacturers focus more on weight reduction and cost optimization. With the growing need for more power, smoother operation of a connected and autonomous vehicle, and to support government-imposed emission norms, automakers are getting aligned towards microelectronics to address the above-mentioned issues.

Automo Capabilities

Wireless communication technology is gaining interest from major tier organizations in transportation and logistics. In the past 5 years, wireless communication technology helped automakers to address major challenges such as an increase in coverage, reduction in hardware and communication cost, and most important is by creating implementation cases record. Automo team has gained knowledge in technologies such as Blockchain and Big data analytics which has garnered interest from various stakeholder in the automotive domain. Wireless communication technology implementation will help to boost the development of other related ICT technology in the automotive domain. Our current focus area is showcased below:

How we can help

Automo offers custom consulting services which help stakeholders to assess, identify, and evaluate strategies to increase the profit margin and sustain market competition. Our services also include briefings, presentations, and workshop for partner clients.

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