Current Scenario

In the automotive sector, for vehicle control and safety, sensing technology is the key enabler. Automakers are enhancing the vehicle performance, comfort, and safety of the passengers by leveraging the information extracted from the sensing technologies. The actuators and sensors are integrated into the system to enhance vehicle durability, optimize vehicle performance and reliability.

The value of sensing technologies in everyday life and its degree of impact in automotive has been strongly demonstrated in the last 10 years. The growth of the internet of things, connected devices, autonomous vehicles depends fundamentally on the widespread adoption of sensing devices. Automakers are adopting and developing innovative ways to offer comfort with higher efficiency to the passengers and also to improve the safety features. To achieve this task, a wide variety of sensors are implemented in an automobile.

The major driver for the automotive sector will be sensor miniaturization, development of a comprehensive solution with respect to sensor fusion and different sensing technologies. The growing prominence of autonomous driving will be one of the major driving factors.

Japan, Europe, and North America are the key markets for an automobile. In addition, vehicle usage in the APAC region has confirmed that countries such as South Korea, China, Japan, India will be the initial users of innovative sensors in the vehicle. OEM’s are working closely with universities and system manufacturer to develop sensing technology to address multiple applications in automotive. The sensor domain has witnessed an increase in funding from the past decade. Automo focus area with respect to sensor is showcased below:

Automo Capabilities

Automo is focusing towards key sensing technologies such as image, gesture recognition, pressure, inertial light detection and ranging (LIDAR), biometric, magneto-resistive, micro-electromechanical system, gyros, and others. Automo continuously tracks sensor product and technology development to predict and analyze market trends and technology disruption. We also identify the opportunities and challenges faced by the technology or the product in the automotive industry, different geographies and continuously provide cutting edge insights to deduce the technology roadmap and provide an opportunity to rethink on the strategy.

How we can help

Automo tracks and analyzes the recent development and activities with respect to the above technologies and also consider other sensing technologies such as smart sensing, touchless sensing, machine to machine communication, sensor fusion, energy harvesting, and others. We analyze the technologies based on its application areas and the possibility of cross-industry knowledge transfer.

Internet of things and connected system are expected to witness the heavy impact in the automotive sector. Automo expects that by 2025, vehicles will be retrofitted with V2X, V2I and V2V communication technologies to track the vehicle accurately on road.

The futuristic mobility will give rise to fuel cell powered vehicle and battery powered vehicle which further operates with low emission and high efficiency. In the future, Automo expects that this vehicle will employ energy harvesting technology widely. For fast and effective commercialization, automakers will be adopting a collaborative business model to integrate new and efficient sensing technologies inside the vehicle.

At Automo, we continuously try to answer the pain points such as:

  • What is driving the market?
  • The demand from consumers which will reshape the current or next development.
  • Key innovation by suppliers and challenges faced.
  • Reliability, packaging and design requirement based on the end integration.
  • Methodology to integrate artificial intelligence infusion system and sensor processing.

These key points help our partner clients to drive their business and take important strategic decisions with respect to R&D investments, technology roadmap, skilled labor, M&A and others.

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