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Our database complies input from various fundamental sources. The data is further collected and analyzed based on various parameters to provide our end users with most accurate data. Our analytics services also provides our user with a freedom to conduct their own analysis based on our own data.



Automo leaves no stone unturned with respect to its research services. In our research services we capture every possible cases and scenario which will impact the market in short to long term. The market is tracked based on information such as R&D analysis, patent analysis, supply demand, value chain networks, academics development, regulation, incentives, government support, funding and others. In short, you will get all the answers to your queries.



Automo supports its client in all phases to attain growth in current market scenario and prepare for future Kodak moments. Automo partners with its client to achieve goals successfully and to bank on any upcoming opportunities. We are keeping an eagle eye on the market so that nothing is skipped from our range.

Our Capabilities

Our Expertise

Automo team has gain indepth expertise in automotive ecosystem, customer, technology, innovation and trends and the proven ability to develop actionable intelligence for our partners. Our team analyze the automotive market based on 9 core areas to generate unique insights and identify areas to bank on.

Why Choose Us


Our partnership program help clients to gain an access to our vast research library and our unique database. We provide discrete advisory services and solutions for every pain points.

and Supportive

Our team of experts are in constant touch with industry stakeholders. We support our clients with our opinion pieces, briefing, and workshops, advisory and consulting.

Strategically Creative Solutions

We collaborate with our clients to drive their growth and fulfil their vision with our intelligent research services, market tracker and our thought leadership.

and Quality

All our services and information database is updated on timely manner. In addition, our industry interaction provides us with valuable insights to provide quality deliverables.

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Automo’s global consulting team is exclusively positioned to identify and assess opportunities related to growth but also empowers our client to create strategies for the future which further enables them to convert goals into reality.