Emerging Technology

The study on the emerging market is the most effective tool of growth for the CXO’s. This further helps them to keep track of the market pulse i.e. identifying any growth opportunities in the emerging market. Emerging markets are the core focus of many industries, and automotive being no different, top OEM’s are trying to achieve the cost efficiency and their main focus area in the emerging markets.

At Automo, we have developed a rigorous model to track emerging technologies and its growth in short, medium and long period of time. Our robust emerging technology tracker first identifies the action plan per company, country and region. We focus on both individual companies as well as the government initiatives. This further help us to set the path for intense research with respect to research, patents and economic model per country. We also track other parameters to gauge the success of the technology. Parameters such as technology salability, investment required, feasibility, capability to address the current market challenges and the point of entry in the market with various others. This further help us to provide strategic imperative to our client with respect to technology success and timeline impact.

The emerging technology depiction is showcased in the figure given below:

Automo’s services help both the proactive and reactive companies to stay a step ahead in the continuously changing global scenario. We at Automo, help both the new and existing companies in the industry. Our growth trackers help to gain insights into the socio metrics, demographics, and political, economic and regulatory scenarios.

Our team helps partner clients with the navigational tool to chop out the plan for growth in the emerging market. Our most essential value proposition for emerging markets is to capitalize on the opportunity while navigating the risk.

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