Automo’s team of experts, continuously gather, monitor and analyze intelligence on disruptive technologies via a network of technology developers, innovators, researchers, university academicians, and other players who are part of the technology ecosystem across the world. Our network to track the innovation is spread across government R&D agencies, research institutions, universities, and private sectors.

We track innovation for all the sectors converging with the automotive industry. Our innovation portal focuses on the following sector which is expected to have either direct or indirect impact on the automotive industry. The direct impact indicates innovation which has direct application for the automotive sector. The indirect development comprises of the technology which has the capability to be employed in the automotive domain with knowledge transfer. These unique aspects help our partner client to bring change in their organization by implementing unique solutions which was not discussed anywhere else. Automo technology opportunity portal tracks the same for our partner clients.

We provide a constant flow of progressive intelligence on new age innovations and emerging technology by interacting with the industry and technology experts. These services empower our partner client with unique ideas to leverage innovative technologies and deduce a strategy to drive growth in their organization. Explore our research areas such as technology opportunity portal, intelligent concept engine, Oracle, and business reviews.

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Automo’s global consulting team is exclusively positioned to identify and assess opportunities related to growth but also empowers our client to create strategies for the future which further enables them to convert goals into reality.