Micro Trend

Microtrends are the near-term opportunities which need to be seized in the right time and early in the time cycle to take complete advantage to provide differentiated offerings and drive growth. Microtrends stem out from the megatrends and organizations need to execute the strategies to witness growth, identify unique ideas in the early stage and assess the implication of the market shift. The microtrends impacting automotive industry is show in the figure below:

Many industries and sector are witnessing the trend for convergence because of the clouding boundaries and transferable technology know-how from one industry to the other. The convergence trend is helping the technology which was exclusively built for one application to identify a multitude of applications in different domain. There is a need to seize these opportunities in early life so that an organization can take full advantage of convergence in the industry. Few opportunities with respect to microtrend is showcased in the figure below:

Automo’s A.C.E.S (Autonomous, Connected, Electrified, Shared Services) framework considers the megatrends that are converging to shift the market in growth phase by identifying unique opportunities to bank on. These opportunities are identified by our unique framework of micro to macro process and synthesize strategy to drive growth.

We are condensing micro-trends from mega trends by examining the transformation with the help of filters of convergence i.e. A.C.E.S. Our expertise helps our partner clients to understand the specific implication and take step by step measure by moving the focus from the big picture to the current needs.

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