Patent Analysis

Today’s business environment is completely dynamic and most of the growth plans witness a change or impact because of intellectual property or patents. It becomes imperative to the businesses to align the patent strategy with their corporate strategy to monetize the growth opportunity on a global scale. The patents intelligence can be employed for sound decision making and deducing the best patent and research related strategy.

  • In every organization, the decision makers are threatened with questions such as
  • Tell us about your growth areas?
  • Major technology players locally and globally?
  • What are the competitive reaction and their strong IP portfolio?
  • Working strategies in the technology area?
  • Do you have enough skilled labor or you are looking for M&A?

Automo tracks patent from every region and country. In addition, our expert analyst goes through each and every patent to understand the nature of problem that patent is trying to address. We also co-relate the patent with R&D spending and deduce the technology readiness level to gauge the timeline for its commercialization. The below figure focuses on all the areas with respect our patent analysis capabilities:

Patents are the center of growth potential. Patents directly impact future product development, deducing the R&D strategy, market entry and product differentiation.

Automo continuously tracks and monitor development in patents in all economies and help our partner client in their decision making with regards to R&D activities, patents, technology mapping, and competitor analysis to drive the growth in the long term.

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