Research and Development Analysis

The major driver for innovation constitutes the company’s R&D performance and provide suppliers with added value with respect to the brand and knowledge about the product, address the need of the market and also provide a competitive advantage.

The automotive industry is at the hilt of innovation. Autonomous driving, electrification, lightweight material, and others are some of the current focus areas. The companies need to deduce their R&D strategy now to cater to future needs. From automotive manufacturers, the R&D tasks are undertaken by the suppliers to boost innovation. It is also one of the most important criteria to get listed in the automakers trusted supplier list. With improved functionality, cost reduction is also one of the most important areas of focus. Thus now it is more important to focus on R&D performance as compared to the previous years.

Automo monitors research and development with two key parameters i.e. technical parameter and business parameter. These two parameters help us to predict the future public and private investment with respect. These two parameters are absolutely necessary to gauge the success of research and development and also help us to formulate a clear scenario for our partner client with respect to investment in R&D. Automo tracks the complete industry by monitoring both government and private spending on R&D and closely monitor the progress of each project to predict the future of technology in most effective and efficient manner.

Automo has a broad range of experience with R&D related projects for engineering services providers to automotive suppliers. We are best at defining innovation strategy which further helps in refining the R&D portfolio and managing the network of suppliers. Automo services help our partner client to boost their performance with respect to their R&D portfolio. This further leads to a reduction in development cost, unique design, best quality, and disruptive innovation. For innovation, R&D portfolio, and patent assessment, Automo caters to all the modules of car.

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