Technology Road Map

The best way to read and understand technology roadmap in detail is by Bottom-Up Approach. Automo develops a technology roadmap for partner clients by employing the bottom-up approach. The usual depiction of roadmap is shown in the figure below with our methodology:

At first, Automo identifies goals with respect to different countries and companies and categorize them in short, medium and long term with the help of quantitative matrix.

With the help of goals, Automo identifies relevant regulations as per the timeline.

After regulations, Automo identifies trends and customer requirement based on interviews and surveys. The trends and requirement will be further interrelated with regulations and goals.

With the help of regulations and requirements, Automo will narrow down its research to R&D priorities which further leads to invention and patent filing.

The patent filing activities will be further rated based on technology readiness levels. All these criteria together will help Automo to deduce the technology roadmap with higher accuracy.

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