Tracking ACES with Cognitive Science!

Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared Services

Every single technology in the ACES has the capability to disrupt complete automotive ecosystem. The true revolution will be witness when it is combined together to offer comprehensive and unique services. And by cognitive science to track the industry growth, we mean tracking the industry with every possible aspect from development to demand and from perception to reality. We employ robust metric to analyze every possible move in ACES domain.

From 2018 onwards, Automo has pooled its expertise in fully autonomous driving. The clear aim is to create a research platform for fully automated vehicle and the related technology which is going to have a vast impact in future. At Automo, we are predicting the futurist technologies, analyzing the innovation, R&D activities and patent filing scenario to deduce technology roadmap.

The automobile industry is witnessing significant change with respect to digital technologies. Automo has recognized the trend at an early stage, the focus is on meeting the aspiration of customers with modern mobility. To guide the businesses of tomorrow, Automo is microscopically tracking the complete automotive digital ecosystem.

The topic of strategic importance to Automo is electrified architecture. Automo is tracking different dynamics which are required to attain efficiency such as drivetrain and its electrification, improved aerodynamics, vehicle emission and lightweighting, efficient engine and improved mobility. Automo provides automakers with market insights on automotive electrification.

Going forward automakers are aiming to provide premium mobility services to its customers. To achieve this goal, automakers needs to understand the market dynamics based on region, countries, states and city level. This knowledge will help to provide comprehensive and attractive services. Automo perception on shared services will help the automakers to find jackpot.