The future and redefining moment for mobility will be the day when the autonomous vehicle is successfully commercialized. Every player in the industry is focusing on sensors and software that can enable a vehicle to provide sensing capabilities. There are many other things which the OEMs are not fully focusing on. Automo focuses on every aspect of Autonomous vehicle from sensors, standards, strategies and deducing new revenue streams to innovation, convergence and collaboration and monitors the industry with microscope for successful commercialization of innovative technologies.

Autonomous Vehicle - Our Predictions

  • First generation autonomous vehicle will be first commercialized as a taxi service
  • Electric vehicle will be the first and only successful autonomous vehicle in the future
  • First generation autonomous vehicle will operate in pre-defined path
  • There is a need to include new levels in SAE defined automation standard
  • The industry will witness collaboration with ICT players
  • New revenue streams will evolve

We help our partner clients to answer all their questions and resolve issues causing hindrance to their vision. Few of the key questions that we can help you with are listed below:

  • What is the current status of technology in different countries?
  • What are the emerging opportunities and technologies?
  • What is the requirement from different age group i.e. Gen X, Y, Z?
  • What are the R&D area to focus on?
  • What is the competitive reaction to my technology?
  • Who are your competitors and what are they doing?
  • Which technologies you should invest in?
  • Whom you should partner with?
  • What is the future of technology i.e. in short term, medium term and long term?
  • Which region or country you should gain an entry first?
  • What is the attractive market for your technology?
  • What kind of government initiative supports your vision?
  • How you should cater to new regulations and policies without disrupting your core strategy?
  • What new patents are field in the respective technology area? And does the new patents addresses the current challenges in the market?
  • What are the new revenue streams and business models?

About Automo

Automo is a strategic consulting company which help its partner client to thrive in the respective business domain. The team at Automo focuses on multiple verticals to track key development, emerging opportunities, trends, threats, investments, R&D, patents, regulations, ease of market entry and other factors. The multiple verticals which we focuses on are manufacturing, sensors, microelectronics, ICT, chemicals and materials, batteries and infrastructure, connected care and others. Automo core focus area is Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared Services (ACES). Automo team comprises of individuals with key acumen in economics, technology readiness and road mapping, emerging markets, micro and mega trends, regulation and policies, patents, R&D and others.