The suppliers of automotive telematics have entered the medium and heavy vehicle business to gain greater profitability. These suppliers converge real-time information with telematics technologies and provide the drivers with information that helps them to take better decisions. The customers in the heavy vehicle industry are interested in fault code reporting in real time, maintenance tracking, fleet location update, monitoring driver habits and a number of steps taken, and fuel reporting among others.

The most important aspect that the heavy vehicle operating companies are interested in is the information about the fuel economy. The advanced telematics systems integrated into the heavy vehicle fleet should be able to monitor fuel consumption precisely and provide updates with respect to the engine and vehicle performance, and also determine the most efficient and accurate routes.  Measuring the idle time of engine versus the total miles driven will offer the fleet operators with an immediate update on a particular vehicle’s fuel economy.

One of the main issues with respect to GPS navigation in a heavy vehicle is the distraction that it causes to the driver. In addition, the fleet operators do not operate with a wide profit margin, and hence, incorporating a navigation system in the vehicle is a costly affair. To provide a cost-effective solution, Automo believes that the Pico projector based HUD display should be taken into consideration, which will also enable the driver to focus on the road.

The companies operating in the freight movement business knows that the margin for profit is minuscule. So, if the telematics tools showcase the reduction in operational expenditure, the freight movement company will accept the installation of any additional tool. If the tool does not provide evidence of cost efficiency, then it will be difficult for the companies to widely opt for the new system. The telematics systems that offer benefits in terms of downtime reduction and fuel economy will witness heavy adoption from the key players.

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