The answer to buying a car online varies on the group people this question is asked to. If the question is asked to a car dealer, they might say no for far too many years. If the question is asked to the automaker, they will say yes and will also say that they are making advancement towards offering the solution. If the question is asked to different age groups, we will still get varies answers. But if it comes to me, I will say yes, that is definitely possible and will also have the capability in which the industry is currently operating.

The dealers believe that the customer won’t be able to trust the website to make one of the valuable purchases and need to get the feel and look of the vehicle before making the purchase. Furthermore, according to various dealers, the dealership is way better than it ever was and the flow of the customer is managed properly, in addition, digital platforms are installed to increase the customer experience. Furthermore, the process is streamlined to make the purchase hassle free. The thing is does the customer really needs a beautiful store? Or the dealers are living in denial about transformation in vehicle purchasing or going online. Well, Nexa in India deals in Maruti vehicles has put the stamp on the success of beautiful stores and purchase of the car. But this won’t be the case for a long time, dealers need to constantly evolve with respect to their selling strategies.

Customer should have the choice of buying a car in the way best fits him. For customers who are willing to visit a dealership to make the purchase should be treated in the same way, whereas the customers who are interested in the buying it online, should also get the similar kind of experience.

With respect to the past decade, online shopping has gone up. E-Commerce is dominating the market now from clothes to accessories to buying a mobile phone, everything else. The purchase through the digital portal has gone up, consumers are even buying food items and vegetables online. People who were first reluctant in making the online buying decisions are increasingly using e-commerce platform for making a purchase. The mobile penetration rate is increasing day by day this further suggests that the online retail stores will be king in the future.

People who are born after 1995, are considered as Gen Z customers and these type of customer need ease in making a purchase decision. Gen Z is fond of mobile phones and employs it make most of their decision either joining a new online platform, researching about the product and making buying decisions. These customers will definitely prefer online buying then spending time in the retail store.

So to make the online car retail store, the company needs to offer unique services online. Furthermore, the digital platform should provide the user with an option to fully customize their vehicle from paint options, to seat stitching and seat color, vehicle interior, accessories required and the option available in the car. Every customized option will count to increase car sales. In addition, it will also allow the car makers to reduce the cost of retail stores, once the payment is made, the vehicle will be delivered straight to the user. The 3D car viewing and the customized option will be in demand and will make a physiological impact on the consumer buying decision.

We are living in a world where the consumer will dictate what is expected to happen next and the advances in the technology will help the automakers to drive next according to the user and their preferences.

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