Automobile generates lots of data. Most of the data generated by the vehicle are technical in nature which is supported for your car optimal performance. Whereas the only a certain type of data which is shared is employed to provide services back to the driver or the vehicle owner who has shared the data. Furthermore, the connected and autonomous vehicle will allow some of the third parties to access your data.

The type of data generated and the services offered with respect to the data differs from one automaker to the other. Furthermore, the amount of data differs from one car model to the other. The same logic can be applied to the other type of vehicles such as bus, trucks, vans, and others. In the future, the commercial vehicle will also share information.

The data generated from the vehicle can be employed to improve the driver comfort and its driving experience, it will also help to optimize certain product performance and will also contribute towards reducing emission, fuel consumption and increase vehicle safety. The different type of data sharing points in the car are:

•             Vehicle temperature

•             Steering

•             Battery Charging

•             Engine

•             Oil

•             Mileage

•             Speed

•             Tyre Pressure

•             Others

The data generated from the vehicle will not include the imported data from the user such as contact list from the mobile phone or the navigation destination. It will also not include the data from external sources such as from the units on the roadside, other rash or good drivers. In the future, it can be said that just like the mobile phone, the automakers will develop its own application for the infotainment system. In this application, the automakers will ask for permission for the other details to provide better and more advanced services such as to provide unique vehicle id for streamlined services.

The owner of a vehicle will have the option to either share their personal data and with whom. This freedom will be allowed to the user for the services he wants to opt for. The personal data to third parties will be allowed within the agreement of EU data protection and legislation. Its automaker’s responsibility to keep the user data safe from the trespassers.

The sharing of data will lead to the emergence of new business models such as battery data will help the user to get a better package in terms of electricity and battery lease. This might also lead to a business model for maintenance i.e. offering maintenance with energy package and insurance or full or part subsidies on battery or vehicle. The data shared by the connected vehicle will provide multiple sectors to converge with the automotive sector to realize new revenue streams by offering different better options to the end users.

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