As electric vehicles are becoming the new norm in different countries, there is a pressing need to make unprecedented vehicle design changes. The manufacturers should utilize all the available free space in the vehicle to make it more efficient and unconventional. This will further convince end users to own electric vehicles.

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), that is, the vehicles with a combination of both an electric engine and a combustion engine, will not witness any great change in design. As the combustion engine is still in place, it will not provide the designer with many options in changing the design of the vehicle. But if the combustion model is not in place, potential designs come into the picture. The design should be attractive and well balanced to influence consumers’ buying decision.

The world is ready for electric vehicles and these vehicles should have their own design features so that they can be differentiated from the combustion vehicles. The automakers such as BMW, Mercedes, and others are working on new window layouts, and front and rear designs for defining the new look of electric vehicles. Aerodynamics is one of the most important parameters for every automaker, as it helps improve vehicle efficiency in terms of speed and range.

The design of the combustion vehicle is totally dependent on a long bonnet. The electric vehicle has wiped away the old combustion engine, but the long bonnet still exists. Automakers are now choosing to say goodbye to the old format of the vehicle and planning to come up with new variants with improved aerodynamics. By wiping out the combustion engine and other related mechanical components such as exhaust, transmission, radiator, and others, the vehicle will be left with additional space, further offering benefits to the passengers. Auto designers should consider this as an opportunity to create either spacious vehicles or compact the design to improve the vehicle range. The designers should focus on multiple designs with respect to vehicle usage and form.

Mercedes is working on unique design elements for its vehicles, such as the slot in the cowl for the windscreen wipers, which will open only when the driver needs them. According to Mercedes, this change in design has helped the company to make significant improvements with respect to the aero acoustics and aerodynamics.

In the next couple of years, the industry will witness the first generation change in the design of electric vehicle. The autonomous vehicle will further add fuel to the change in design. At present, it is very important for the automakers to come up with new design features to create a new brand or uplift the current brand with unique designs and features. The advantages that the new design offers will convince the consumers to move from combustion vehicles to electric vehicles. Electric and autonomous vehicles will open up new possibilities that were previously untapped.

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