The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Singapore city-state has started a future urban initiative called Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Development (SMART), primarily focusing on autonomous driving. Apart from the SMART project, several other projects are also being carried out in Singapore for quite some time.  The country has also founded the One-North district of Singapore for startups and research companies to conduct autonomous driving tests in real-life scenarios. These initiatives are expected to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

Singapore is spread across 719 sq km, with a population of approximately 5.6 million. Construction has taken 14% of the area and the other 12% is taken by the roads. So more roads cannot be built, and the country is not looking forward to increase its on road traffic to reduce the emission from vehicles. The government believes that self-driving vehicles will help the country to address the current challenges.

The Singapore government has restricted the total amount of vehicle registration in one year. In addition, the country has introduced an electronic toll system. The payment system is completely automatic and once the vehicle passes the ticketing gate, the digital display panel in the car showcases the total outstanding amount.

The ideal place to test, train, and develop an autonomous car is Singapore. In addition to government support and fewer obstacles, the country has great roads with no high hills and snow. The government has a clear strategy and people follow the rules strictly. Singapore is ahead in the race for developing and launching autonomous vehicles.

The autonomous vehicles need an accurate map for precise operations, and Singapore government has developed an accurate maps for One-North district. The country is fully prepared to print its name in history pages as the first country to commercialize autonomous vehicles. Once the vehicles are successfully commercialized, the county is expected to sell the data feeds to the other companies and countries to make the autonomous vehicle dream a reality.

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