Every company in the automotive domain is going through the phase of strategy shift and technology disruption. Few companies are working towards addressing the challenge by persisting through disruption while others are still following their traditional business models and strategies. There is a possibility that these companies will witness the Kodak moment.

Automo with its partner IndustryARC has served years in guiding clients towards growth by deducing a unique strategy for our partner clients. In the process of deriving strategies, we are focusing on megatrends, micro-trends, innovation with respect to technology and product, patents, R&D, technology mapping, and deducing new business models. In the present scenario, companies must be ready to change and innovate to survive and thrive in the coming years.  The dilemma of innovation i.e. resisting to change has a huge consequence which is very heavy to ignore.

Automo’s global consulting team is exclusively positioned to identify and assess opportunities related to growth but also empowers our partner client to create strategies for the future which further enables them to convert goals into reality. At Automo, we are focused on identifying the next big thing for our partner clients so that they can reap the fruits in time and accomplish something which others are just planning to achieve.

Compared to traditional market intelligence and consulting firms, we use massive amounts of data to qualify and present trends. Our proprietary AI algorithms process millions of data points on Auto Industry statistics, latest news, developments across 150+ countries to present the most comprehensive and accurate map of market shifts, trends to our clients. We are passionate about bringing AI based Market intelligence to the Automotive Industry, in an easy to use dashboard format, to always keep track about the markets you care about on a daily basis.

Our vision will ignite new startups, investment programs, new projects related to product development and breakthroughs. We assist our partner clients to position them uniquely in the market which further creates an advantage with respect to increase in sales, revenue and portrays a brand image as the leader and innovator.

To help our partner clients, we focus on three important parameters i.e. demand, strategy, and technology. We work with the client day in and out to help them navigate the current scenario and thrive in the future.

To achieve the transformation and meet the market needs, Automo can be the ideal partner for you. We will make you aware of the present scenario with the help of our database, expertise and make you ready for the future bumpers.

Mission: Help our partner clients in Automotive Industry to realize their market potential and address the challenges in their growth roadmap with our AI-based Market Intelligence Services and Expert Assistance.